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*Important Note!*
Unfortunately this feedback form has been flooded with spam from robots, and so many real messages were filtered as spam and possibly lost! I've tried to solve this, but if you don't get an answer within a couple of weeks (I travel quite a lot), it might be worth emailing me directly. "@ed.ac.uk" is the University of Edinburgh email ending, and most emails use Firstname.Lastname, if you catch my drift...

Please use this form to report bugs, suggest new features, or provide general feedback on my website or the TreeCollapseCL or PareTree programs. As a full-time PhD student, I can't make any promises about feature requests, but will try to tackle any bugs as soon as possible. (But please do still submit feature requests, as if I get a lot of requests for a certain feature, I am more likely to add it!)

If you're having trouble using the program or have questions about it, feel free to use this form as well!

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“Feedback is a pleasant thing. I get a lot of letters from unexpected people in unexpected places.”

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